Molecular Scissors - Lambda Digest

Type: BioTeach Curriculum
Price: Free


Overview:  In this intermediate lab, students will conduct a restriction digest of lambda DNA using two unknown enzymes. They will use the results of gel electrophoresis to identify the enzymes based on the band patterns generated by the digests.
Curriculum Connections: enzymes, DNA structure, restriction enzyme analysis, gel electrophoresis  **Aligned with AP Biology Investigation 9 Restriction Enzyme Analysis
Experimental Timing:  From start to finish this lab takes 90-120 minutes. However, there are many good stopping points in this protocol that make it possible to complete the lab in a series of 45-50 minute periods.  For additional information, see "Instructor Planning Guide" in the Teacher Materials.
Specialized Equipment Required:  p20 micropipettes • water bath or incubator • gel electrophoresis units with power supplies (each student group will run 3 samples plus a ladder) • UV or blue light source

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